Health Plan Intelligence is our signature product. Health Plan Intelligence provides a suite of health care decision-support tools which include the following integrated components:

  1. HPI-Portal - secure portal providing access to Health Plan Intelligence content and applications.
  2. HPI-Dashboard - management-level, key performance indicator and benchmarking report.
  3. HPI-Analytics - online data warehouse providing ad hoc and drill-down reporting/analysis.
  4. HPI-BeneCalc - online modeling tool providing financial and member impact of plan changes.

Our clients receive the Health Plan Intelligence service package through our secure, proprietary web portal - the HPI-Portal.

Health Plan Intelligence delivers the information required to answer the many questions surrounding health care. As with many complex issues, information is the key to improving performance.

Please contact us to learn more about Health Plan Intelligence and partnership opportunities.

Health Plan Intelligence, HPI-Dashboard, HPI-Analytics, and HPI-BeneCalc are protected trademarks of PlanIT.
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