In addition to our core Health Plan Intelligence service package, PlanIT has several new products available:

  • Biometric Data Integration - PlanIT can integrate external biometric data with an employer's medical and/or pharmacy data. Biometric integration affords our clients the opportunity to gain visibility into relationships between the underlying biometric values for their members and the associated health care spend. PlanIT can accommodate the integration of blood pressure, cholesterol, blood glucose, BMI and other biometric markers and program participation data.
  • Data Warehouse - as an extension of our best-in-class HPI-Analytics platform, our clients now have the opportunity to have medical, pharmacy, and/or biometric data housed and updated continually throughout the year. Every month or quarter, the employer's health plan data will be updated and maintained in our HPI-Analytics solution. The HPI-Analytics data can be supplemented, as needed, with a current HPI-Dashboard.

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